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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Samotin

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“Gratefully, I found a wonderful Orthopaedic Surgeon”

​I am a 33 year old who was a very active individual with a pain in my left foot/ankle that seemed to get worse over a 6 month period of time in 2010. I picked a doctor; who shall remain nameless, that I thought could help me get better. To make a long story short, the first option and only option given was ankle surgery. After four months of physical therapy and recovery it was now July 2011 and I was faced with an even worse situation than before. Of course, the only option again was to have yet another surgery to fix my ankle. After much thought I declined the surgery and a friend of mine encouraged me to see his doctor (Dr. Myles Rubin Samotin) who had done a fabulous job on his knee and as a result is now able to run and be as active as he wishes. The best thing I ever did was walk out of my previous doctor’s office, get a copy of all x-rays and MRI’s and take them somewhere else to get a second opinion.

In saying this, I hope YOU “do it right the first time” by finding a great doctor who first and foremost uses a conservative approach to all orthopaedic issues and takes the time to treat you like a real person not like a paycheck. Gratefully, I found a wonderful Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Myles Samotin. In November 2011, I had my first appointment with Dr. Myles Samotin. I cannot tell you what a difference it was from the very beginning. A doctor who actually listened intently? Who cared about MY issue? Who wasn’t recommending surgery (and remember HE is a surgeon) at my first appointment before an X-ray, before an MRI? This seemed too good to be true. After deciding on the conservative approach to my ankle issue I am able to walk without any pain in my ankle. More than of my progress is due to Dr. Samotin and Amanda Attia who is my Physical Therapist, one of Dr. Samotin’s staff on-site. The other was up to me to continue my therapy at home and take all of the advice Dr. Samotin, Dr. Angela and Mrs. Attia gave me over the next few months.

The bedside manner of Dr. Samotin and Mrs. Attia is phenomenal and I cannot explain the gratitude I have for each of them. I feel that this office has given me hope, encouragement and the ability to trust the medical profession once again. The process for my ankle has been a long slow road but better than I had hoped for. I can walk without the horrific pain of popping in my ankle and my dream of running again will come true in the near future. Thank You to Dr. Samotin, Dr. Angela, Mrs. Attia, Rose and all the staff in Dr. Samotin’s office. They have ALL truly made a difference in my life.

“Thank you to you and your dedicated team for taking care of my grandfather”

I wanted to take time to write this short note to you expressing me and my families sincere appreciation for the care and comfort given to my grandfather Mr. Morejon. I would just like to say thank you to you and your dedicated team for taking care of my grandfather during his surgery and recovery. I would like to say a special thanks to Dr. Samotin and Angela Ruiz for their compassion and expertise during and after surgery.

It was a difficult time for the family, you and your staff always made my grandfather and myself at ease with our questions and concerns. I appreciate all the help that Jennifer Bremer did to accommodate my grandfather and taking the time out to let me know his progress. I am truly grateful for care given from the doctor and staff during my grandfather’s injury.

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